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What is a k9?

The term “K9” is considered a numeroym, which actually means “dog.” A numeroym is a term that is based on a number, for example with “K9” it is literally canine when spoken. This term is most commonly heard when referring to work dogs, such as ones in the military or use for law enforcement purposes. However, you may also see the term in veterinary offices or shelters as a short hand way of referring to a dog.

The Importance of Canines in Our Society

The fact is that dogs have been used for several centuries for purposes of protection and defense. Both the military and law enforcement agencies utilized the K9s for several purposes including:

  • Partners for routine patrols
  • Assistants for cases of apprehension
  • As trackers or scouts
  • For substance detectors, including explosives, drugs, in arson investigations and a variety of other contraband items.
  • As a guard or deterrent for attack or provocation.

The fact is that the dogs and their handlers serve an important purpose in modern society and offer many services that are not able to be fulfilled by humans or computer.

Police and Military k9

Police k9Another popular use for canines in military and law enforcement positions is in search and rescue. There is no doubt that you have seen the television shows depicting how a dog is used for locating a lost child in the woods, or a person trapped in the rubble after a tornado. While this is a portion of what they do, the process can actually be far more dangerous and require years of training before a dog is actually sent out into the field for search and rescue purposes. Dogs that are trained in search and rescue disciplines are able to switch from tracking trails to detecting air born scents, which are both of vital importance in the search and rescue realm.

Military k9The use of K9s for police and military purposes reaches beyond search and rescue, as some of the dogs are trained detectors. These animals are responsible for alerting their handlers to the presence of dangerous substances such as bombs, explosives or leaks of naturally dangerous substances. The fact is that even with the sophistication of modern technology and innovations, there has never been a detecting process that comes close to the abilities of a trained K9 detector. The dogs are more accurate and efficient in the detection process and provide a faster response time. Additionally, utilizing a trained detection dog will save the agencies money and lives due to their efficiency and abilities.

Schultzhund / Dog Sport / Ring Sport / IPO

schulzhund / dog sportThe Schutzhund a.k.a. Dog Sport a.k.a. Ring Sport now known as IPO (Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung German for “International Trial Rules”) include both obedience and tracking skills in the training that is give. Additionally, it is a protective attribute of trained K9s that have been raised and bred in the proper manner. The fact is that if this skill is not taught in the proper manner the dog can be extremely dangerous to any person they come in contact with. When you are allowing a dog to put their teeth into a person this has to be taught with limitations. If a dog is trained to bite in a private setting, the owner can be held legally liable for the injury that is inflicted. However, when this skill is taught to military or law enforcement dogs it can be a vital defense skill that can actually save lives and prevent serious injury.

How are K9 Dogs Trained?

When training a K9 dog for law enforcement or military purposes, it is important to impose limitations and use the proper methods for training the animals. The handlers who are responsible for this skill have to understand the importance of keeping the animal safe and unharmed during the entire process. However, while proper training methods must be implemented, it is crucial that these animals are available for the important jobs they perform on a daily basis. From search and rescue, detection and military purposes, these dogs save lives in the field and help to protect the brave men and women who defend and protect the community as well as the country.

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Image Credits: The US Army, State Farm, SkyWideDesign